Catherine: TLC Yoga Helps Me With Parkinson’s Symptoms

September 3, 2015

Dear John Muir Parkinson’s Program:

I recommend that you offer Leena St. Michael’s TLC Yoga as an excellent addition to the John Muir Parkinson’s program. I am taking my second TLC Yoga 9-week series plus an additional TLC Yoga drop-in class with Leena at Rossmoor Fitness. I’ve noticed that the TLC Yoga reinforces and complements what I am learning at John Muir and believe it would help many others who are dealing with Parkinson’s, too.

Through adding TLC Yoga:

  1. My posture has improved. It so much better. Retaining good posture is major in Parkinson’s.
  2. I see improvements in my coordination.
  3. I feel like I’ve straightened and leveled my shoulders more.
  4. My balance has improved.
  5. TLC Yoga provides excellent strength work.
  6. I have someone working with me. Leena works hand-in-hand with me and each participant.

I hope you will contact Leena at 925.200.5130, email website I am attaching her card and information about her classes.

Thank you for all you and John Muir Health are doing to help so many.

Warm regards:

Catherine Ryan