Co-founding Sustainable Danville Area Through Family and Career Crisis


I had practiced physical Yoga on/off for over thirty years when my path crossed with Leena in an unlikely place – 24 Hour Fitness. Even in that environment, Leena was capable of drawing her ‘suburban drones’ into a deeper, spiritual practice teaching us to balance the physical postures with meditation, breathing and everyday Ayurveda methods, like the Neti pot.

At the time, my life was in crisis as I dealt with the repercussions of raising my deceased sister’s troubled children.  Instead of being able to open my heart to the challenges I was facing, I was closing down. In class, Leena demonstrated a healing presence with her students carefully adjusting postures and listening to their concerns.  One day, I joined their voices after class and quickly took Leena’s advice to participate in Amma’s IAM(R) meditation training.

As Leena grew her community, she graduated to private studios and lovely community centers in the Town of Danville.  I followed Leena through her progression – enjoying her positive energy and enthusiasm for the lives of her students.


As my life became more difficult with career complexities, I practiced privately with Leena and it changed my life.  Simply, Leena guided me in separating the ‘sheath from the wheat’.

I was a Type A personality  working 12-hour days in the technology arena, juggling two children and a husband with health challenges.  Leena, using Yoga, breathing exercises and guided mediation helped me envision the life I have been called to live.  Inspired to live by the values Leena demonstrates every day, I co-founded Sustainable Danville Area – a local, community organization that has inspired residents and businesses to adopt sustainable practices.  This wouldn’t have been possible four years ago, but through Leena I have learned to live by my heart and to build connection and community – as she has successfully done within our town.