The Bliss Class-Ask Leena!

Nature Nurtures.

Is it time to start a new chapter in life? Do you have all the stuff you could ever want and find yourself bored, cynical or “killing time?” Are you divorcing, beginning retirement or sending your youngest to college? Did you get laid off…or do you wish that you would? Are you ready to launch yourself in a new direction? Write that book? Start that new venture? Create a life that is fully sustaining? Stop living from fear? Be part of creating a new world that works for everyone?

Your life will have a direction. By the end of class, you will have your statement of life vision-Dharma. You will be connected to the well of your inspiration, creativity, and heart’s desire with the tools to tap into it at any time. Your class participation will yield changes toward your expanded life-some comfortable, some uncomfortable–but you will be supported all the way. You will begin to experience life in a more fluid and synchronous state.

You will apply the ageless yogic technologies to be a balanced and beneficial presence through even disaster, depression or dark-nights-of-the-soul (D-NOTS); seeing all of life as an opportunity for wonder high inspiration and clarity.

You will learn the difference between risk and expand trust in the “know-that-you-know-that-you-know”.

You will have a guidepost to live your life to your fullest ever expanding Self.

You will inventory your strengths and weaknesses with simple effective worksheets.

Seven sessions over eight weeks.

If you sign up within the next week, I’ll include a private session with me.

Each class as a teaching part, a group interaction and a process

You may have an accountability partner if you wish and I’ll show you how it works.

You will receive a manual you can download by pdf. I’ll send you a chapter each week.

You can listen to the tapes of each class.

I can start a website for the class!

You can have email access to me at any time during these weeks.