Leena’s Saturday AM Yoga Gives Me Flexibility and Focus

Danville Oak Hill Park Saturday Morning Yoga

Danville Oak Hill Park Saturday Morning Yoga

I started practicing yoga with Leena about 3 years ago. My primary reason was to improve my physical flexibility as well as my mental ability to stay more focused and content.

Prior to this I had other opportunities to join yoga classes but what made me want to continue practicing yoga with Leena was the way she runs her class. Practicing with Leena was exactly what I was looking for as we spend the first portion of the class practicing different breathing methods which helps relieving stress as well as learning to stay still and focused. We also practice meditation techniques which you don’t normally find in a typical yoga class.

The main thing this taught me was to learn to slow down and break the cycle of the fast-paced lives we are having these days. Her class seems to be a complete practice session which offers both mental and physical benefits.

Leena recently held a couple of classes at my daughter’s high school as a guest speaker. Interesting enough, after the practice my daughter said the exact same thing: She liked the class because of the combination of the two practices.

I really enjoy her classes and even though it’s on Saturday mornings, I have no hesitation to get up and go to my yoga practice. Going through my daily life, I can see I am more patient and peaceful and I can let go of things out of my control a lot easier than before.

I am so thankful for being able to work with such a great, compassionate instructor and I look forward to more years of practice with class.

Javaneh Lahian,  Mother and corporate manager