Dr. Alvarez: Leena is a Transformative, Inspiring, Magnetic Catalyst

celia alvarez_sariIt is with great pleasure that I recommend Leena St. Michael. I have known Leena for 20 years, working with her in a professional capacity, as well as, in collaboration across several spiritual communities.
I can see the culmination of the many paths she has taken to express her individual gift to awaken spirit and inspire health in others, while connecting individuals across communities and cultures. This is evident from her work as an Inter-faith minister; to creating innovative and inspirational programming on the radio or on the web; to training in yoga, and emerging as a magnetic catalyst in the teaching of yoga in both spiritual and secular environments with ease…
…I was most inspired when I asked her to write an article a few years back and she wrote about the “yoga parties” she was hosting in homes for children and youth. All these examples point to her magnetism and energy with young and old and her visionary leadership to inspire others to grow.
What Leena learns, Leena shares. Her energy and joy are contagious. This is evidenced in her teaching and outreach to the community.
I have watched Leena work as a powerful transformer for organizational change. As a facilitator and team builder, she has the ability to inspire through speaking and writing.
Leena is continuously stretching and challenging herself to grow, and teaching others to do the same.


Dr. Celia”Jayashree” Alvarez, Outreach Director
Girl Scouts, Oregon/Washington Region