Just Like Serena: Yoga Gave Marian The Secret To The Backhand

Serena Williams BackhandMarian Renvall shared this amazing story about how our first Advanced Beginner-Beginning Intermediate Series changed her tennis game. Please share your yoga and meditation success stories!
“The first class of our series you demonstrated the internal and external rotation for arms, and how the proper rotations will strengthen the rotator cuff and back muscles. 
What a difference this simple, easy exercise makes! The exercises are so easy to do and so important for me, who has a life long history of poor posture. 
I also have told numerous tennis buddies, who have the weird back hand stroke or are wearing the elbow brace for tennis elbow.  After demonstrating the simple exercises on the courts, they immediately get it and how ‘the straight arm backhand’, actually means externally rotated backhand.”
Thank you!