Leena Teaches Me Confidence and Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

Sally KennedyIf you want a full spiritual and exercise experience filled with love and expression, Leena is the person you want to meet.   I first met Leena in September, 2014, while attending her Integrated Therapeutic Yoga class.  She has the heart to see what each person’s needs for their body, mind and spirit; and sends her teaching with love and compassion.Her classes are not a typical exercise experience, but a spiritual experience that connects one’s spirit, mind and body.  She starts with breathing exercises and meditation which sets the atmosphere to be fully connected and find one’s bliss.At her first class, I could not sit on the floor, and Leena works with each person where they are.  Leena has a wonderful series of Sun Salutation which is stretches the body, and makes me feel so healthy. Leena taught me how to gracefully rise from sitting on the floor. Now, I even bounce up!I also took Leena’s Restorative Yoga series which uses props to support every part of the body so you can totally relax. I learned that it is not a waste of time to take 1 1/2 hours to let your mind and body relax.Leena is accomplished in prayer and meditative work to help one go to a deeper level, understand needs, and find solutions to their life experiences.  I recommend spending time with Leena for a complete connection of your mind, body and spirit.

Sally Kennedy