Hard Choices: Leena Was There For Me

Wayne Johnson-Leena was there for me.Life Transition Coaching From Leena

I worked with Leena a few years ago right after I had left a business that I helped to start. It was a difficult time for me leaving everything I knew, many long term customers and friends. It was a hard choice but it had to be made because the job stress was really taking its toll on me and my family. We did a few visioning sessions that really helped me keep things in perspective and navigate the road ahead. It seemed almost too easy when we were done, but I really knew the answers all along. She was able to ask me the right questions and help me identify the key things that I needed pay attention to.

I was able to make the transition into my new career, as an Engineering Consultant, and I have been lucky enough to land some good clients and stay busy. I don’t know if there was really any other way for me to get where I am today. Sometimes, when you really need something, it will appear for you. Leena was there for me.

Wayne Johnson, Engineering Consultant