Restorative Yoga: The Art of Relaxation…Series Begins May 20

Restorative Yoga: Downward Facing Shavasana

Barbara Steck in Downward Facing Shavasana (Corpse Pose) with extra support to ease tension her shoulder restriction

…The Practice of Rejuvenation

Rossmoor Resident Barbara Steck: “During my second Restorative Yoga series with Leena, my doctor said, ‘Barbara, you’re getting more flexible!’  Regular Restorative Yoga is gently and powerfully opening me up. I’m standing up straighter, more comfortable in my body and so much more peaceful (in spite of construction next door!). Leena is patient, encouraging and positive. I’ve now added her TLC Yoga classes to my week.”

Restorative Yoga is one of yoga master B.K S. Iyengar’s greatest gifts to the world. Restorative Yoga comprises a series of well-supported floor postures on a soft cushioned surface with bolsters and blankets allowing gravity to do the “work”. Deep releases of long-held tension gently expand range-of-motion while practicing “conscious relaxation” for an extended time. You will discover where and how you hold tension. With awareness, willingness, kindness, and patience in a nurturing environment with the leveraging power of group intention, you can learn the primary skill in self-healing, slowing down aging, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, and revitalizing the immune system. The focus is mind/body/breath effortlessness and ease.

You will learn all the basic postures and how to uniquely configure them safely and comfortably to support your body toward harmony and balance. Instruction is compassionate, soothing, personalized and light-hearted. The experience may be nourishing and enlightening in surprising ways. The series allows for progressive relaxation through the eight weeks.. No previous yoga required. Don’t worry…we will make sure to get you safely on and off the floor!

  • Series of 8 classes  + make-ups in Leena’s other classes during the series only
  • Starts Fridays-May 20, No class June 10
  • 3:50(set-up) 4pm-5:30pm
  • All props provided.
  • Dress in loose comfy clothing/layers,
  • Shasta Room, Rossmoor Fitness Center. (Elevator accessible),
  • Advance registration is required.
  • Series is limited to give maximum support to each participant
  • $95 or receive Early-Bird Discount $85 by March 9th
  • Call/text/email Leena to register, today. 925.200.5130,,