Sheila: Balancing On Unstable Surfaces

Sheila Thorne, IBM exec. Blog:   

Sheila Thorne, International Corporate IT Manager and Trainer

Yoga Student-24 Hour Fitness

“You are gentle and compassionate. Your class offers something very different by providing a background of the essential teachings that are so often overlooked in yoga classes. Your love for what you are doing shows with every class. It is very clear that you are an inspired learner in addition to being knowledgeable teacher.”

“I love that you teach the art of pranayama and meditation in addition to asanas. Because you combine all of these practices into one class we are able to go much deeper than we can with just an asana practice. You consistently guide us to a space where the mind is quiet, where stillness and meditation arise as a natural state of being. I always leave feeling more grounded than when I came in.”

Sheila Thorne Blog: