What Happens When We Chant Mantras Together for OMM

Cameras caught Leena doing mantra japa before Amma entered Amrita Hall.  She was participating in Pada Puja...wrappeing her arms around Amma while holding Amma's skirt.

Cameras caught Leena doing mantra japa before Amma entered Amrita Hall.

Amma (Her Holiness Sri Mata Amritanandamayi) has been telling us for two years to chant Lokah Samasthah Sukhinoh Bhavantu, the ancient Vedic prayer that translates to “May all beings in all realms be happy and peaceful.”
We’re making a game of it; reaching out, connecting to inspire and even challenge each other by committing  to collectively add at least one million repetitions to the world by repeating the mantra at least 108 times a day until Amma’s birthday on September 27th, 2015. So far, there are more than 125 people who have contacted me to tell me they have made the pledge.
When we do the math, we get profound awareness that each repetition adds up.
We matter.
We count.
We are connected.
I am not alone.
My effort makes a difference.

We learn that the mantra is working on us and that is what matters. Sanskrit chanting is powerful. Each mantra has a unique vibratory frequency that works upon us a little differently. Sanskrit, chanted properly, is the vibration of that thing, itself. It is vibrating the negativity from us and leaving the peace and happiness. It floats the negativity to the surface of our awareness so we can look at the source of the thought-form and dissolve it back to the nothingness that it truly is.

When one of us is more peaceful, that in itself emanates a vibrational wave that resonates to others. It is a chain reaction. Physical yoga practices, pranayama, self-reflection…all these facilitate the clarity and frequency of the vibration.

Some may find this “game” helpful. Some wish their sadhana to be in private. Others benefit from watching the wave (and vision) expand from 1 to 17 to 40 to 80 to 97 to 128. (108-1.4 Million)

The wave may turn into a larger movement-a tsunami of transforming peace.
The wave may crest and dissolve into the Ocean. After September 27th, we may release a bigger wave…

We create the wave.

If we only surf on the waves of others, we’ll end up on the beach or worse, on the rocks.

Now, when we hear of crisis, tragedy or disaster, we know what to do and we are doing it.

Years ago, after the Northridge Earthquake, a mantra came to me: I am the epicenter of peace. Amma knows I am working on this.

Something wonderful is happening. May we magnify this enthusiasm. May we be the epicenter of peace; the emanation and embodiment of peace.

Prayer is cool. Mantra japa is awesome. Peace begins with me.

AUM Lokah Samastah Sukhinoh Bhavantu!
May all beings in all worlds…all realms…be happy and peaceful.

Namaste. OMM
Leena St Michael

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