NEW! Breathe…Your Way To Balance

 “Breathe…Your Way To Balance” 28-Day Intensive Starts Returning Soon To Rossmoor! Check back or contact Leena for details!

Breathe-Nadi Shodana-RossmoorRossmoor Fitness “BREATHE YOUR WAY TO BALANCE”, a month-long intensive training to learn and daily practice the fundamentals of yoga breathing practice called “pranayama.” Experience yoga’s breathing practices and subtle-body teachings to control life-force energy (prana or chi) improve nervous system and overall health, increase energy, expand physical and emotional well-being, and manage/mitigate chronic pain. She will answer questions, demonstrate, and guide timeless practices. St. Michael will also teach the benefits and proper use of the neti pot  salt-water irrigation technique for disease prevention and expanded breathing; a Hatha Yoga practice.

The training intensive is born from participant’s request following St. Michael’s July 22nd presentation to the Rossmoor Peripheral Neuropathy Group.

Classes are compassionate, positive, deeply centering and community-building. Participation is limited to ten participants for intensive individualized support and coaching.

“BREATHE YOUR WAY TO BALANCE” runs for five consecutive weekly meetings and includes a 30-minute private session. There four training sessions and a fifth bonus/make-up/graduation meeting on September 14. Dress comfortably. Bring your neti pot if you have one. Eat lightly beforehand. Empty stomach is preferable. Fees: $90 early registration or $108 on day of class. No yoga experience is necessary. If you can sit-up, you can practice pranayama.

St. Michael is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher trained to instruct yoga teachers. She offers more than 6,000 hours yoga, pranayama, meditation and philosophy teaching experience with a lifetime of yoga practice. Interfaith Minister St. Michael was a Stanford University Hospital Chaplain trained in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program at Stanford Complementary Medicine. She recently completed Stanford’s Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT) and is a CERT trainer.

Pre-registration is required. To register and assure this class is right for you and to register, call/text St. Michael at 925.200.5130, email or go to

Leena teaches regularly through Rossmoor Fitness and the Town of Danville. “EVERY body can do yoga. We start where we are and tune in to our unique self with compassion, appreciation, and a spirit of infinite possibility.”

For more information and registration, call/text St. Michael at 925.200.5130, email or go to