Rossmoor Restorative-Yoga NOW A Weekly Drop-in Class

restorativeDNfeatureMark your calendar, set an alarm on your smartphone.  Restorative Deep Release Yoga at Rossmoor Fitness is weekly at 5:15pm to 6:40pm every Wednesday upstairs in the Shasta Room.

New warm low lighting, soothing spiritually uplifting ambient instrumentals and chants waft through  the mind/body complex.

Leena guides visualizations, blessings and posture practice for an overall Wednesday Wellness Work-in. Participants may request specific postures or support for individual issues for maximum peace, ease and flexibility. Practice bringing your autonomic renewal mechanisms into conscious control for energy efficiency, stress release and chronic pain management. If you can get on the floor, you can do Restorative Yoga. Note: Extremely meditative.

Drop-in $12

Pass for 5 of any of Leena’s Drop-in classes: $50 (90 days)

Pass for 10 of any of Leena’s Drop-in classes: $90 (150 days)