Jan: Blood Pressure Is Down, Energy Is Up

Jan-legsupthewall“I have experienced a big reduction in tension and anxiety that has vastly improved my tennis game and winning percentage. I leave yoga feeling both energized and peaceful. Though I’ve been taking medication for years to lower my blood pressure, recently I had a significantly lower and normal reading. The nurse commented that the medications must be effective. The only thing that has changed is that I have been taking yoga regularly.” Jan started yoga by taking Leena’s “Mastering the Inner Game” meditation series at CCCC. Jan added a second weekly class to her schedule. She has been a regular on Wednesday evening and Tuesday morning for three years.” 2012

“I have been taking Yoga for six years at Crow Canyon from Leena St. Michael. Ms. St. Michael is the best Yoga instructor I have encountered. Number one, and most important, I would think, for the Club from a liability standpoint, she is well trained, experienced, and extremely careful with new students and students with health issues, or who have injuries. This is very important in a Yoga practice, otherwise people could get hurt. She is excellent at adapting Yoga moves and poses for all individuals at various levels of experience and with a wide variety of needs.
Leena’s classes are fun, interesting, well conducted, and a great benefit to one’s health and well-being.” 2014

Jan King—League Tennis Player and MFT, retired.