Laurie: Leena Is Flexible, Supportive And Very Funny

Laurie Gardiner-WarriorLeena’s yoga classes have been a key part of my life for the 5 years we have lived in the East Bay.

Quite honestly, they have been a saving grace for me during difficult transitions in my life. From moving away from my family and through the deaths of both of my parents, Leena’s classes have provided me with physical and mental strength and sometime just a place to go to get me out of the house and do something for myself.

Her classes are multi-leveled and she is very adept at developing programs to honor those who want to go a bit easier due to injuries, illnesses and pushing those who want to “sweat” a little bit more.

The classes have been a very good balance to my swimming as well as supporting my new interest in tennis.

Working big muscle groups through active poses has strengthened my legs, which helps in both sports immensely. Consistent awareness of posture and breath has stabilized my core and given me more stamina to swim longer distances while keeping a strong pace.

Practicing balance and standing poses has improved my focus which helps in every aspect of my life.

Finally, Leena is very open to feedback, flexible with the needs of the class, is very funny and most importantly so supportive and respectful of each individual’s journey. It is an honor to work with Leena and continue to learn from her.
Laurie Gardiner, Danville, CA November 18 2012

Laurie Gardiner,  Mom, Businesswoman, Tennis Player and Swimmer