Pretty-ponics–Grow High-Yield, Low-Water Indoor Crops

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Living in harmony with nature is yoga. The drought is requiring us to learn to conserve water and maximize plant yield in any spaces we can utilize.

Learn to make these planters that are assembled with all the fertilizer for the growing season and have a reservoir of water in the bottom. A tube allows water to get to the reservoir to maintain levels. For free instructions, go to

Below is a brief video of my “pretty-ponics” planter. I fed plants with liquid fertilizer that continually cycle through a small water fountain pump into clay balls hung from a plastic water-plant basket on the rim of the Chinese goldfish bowl planter.

Stacked planter herb gardenHere is my stacked planter herb garden in front of my apartment. It is the only sunny outdoor space I have and the only crop that the deer don’t like to eat. Pictured: Thai basil, variegated oregano, some tiny-leafed basil, and spearmint.

This year, I stacked three tiers of blue pottery planters and they are thriving. I made a wonderful tea of sage, oregano, mint and thyme from leaves from this little garden. Delicious, calming and healing.