Lois: I’m More Fit, More Alert…And People Are Noticing. It’s The Yoga.

Lois FinchIt’s wonderful thing when people notice you are looking strong and standing tall. Lois Finch, Rossmoor TLC Yoga student, shares her breakthrough moment.  “I recently returned from a business trip to Albuquerque. The business involves property and the same property management team has been overseeing it for five-plus years.

In the past, the property managers met me at the airport. Last year, I was in a wheelchair due to a severe back muscle pull. No doubt my management team didn’t know what to expect on this last trip. When I walked out to meet them (sans wheelchair) I appeared fit and alert. At first they didn’t recognize me. One manager finally said “It’s Lois.” (in disbelief). The three managers kept looking at me and exclaiming how good I looked.

I told them I owe it all to Yoga.

Leena is a skilled teacher and explains the mind/body connection I have always known. My body had plenty of energy but it was stuck and didn’t function as I thought it should. Leena has awakened the sleeping muscles in my upper back and my posture is far batter. I’ve discovered a new world and I love it! I’m determined to follow this yoga path as far as I can.”

Lois Finch  August 2, 2015

Lois is completing her TLC Yoga series on August 17th. She has been practicing yoga with Leena for five months and will continue on Mondays in Gentle Yoga and Thursday TLC Yoga drop-in classes.